Friday, 28 April 2017

We have had a very exciting week as we can all see our new building. I took some photographs of it arriving so that the children could see it actually happening. We have also received a present from a giant who has given us some magic beans to plant. We planted them and we now have a beanstalk growing inside our nursery. The children have been drawing pictures and writing letters to the giant to see if he would like to come down and play with us. We are all excited to see how big it will grow with our magic water every day.
Next week we are going to continue with the theme of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and hope that we can develop their creativity further.
We are going to have a lovely long weekend. Hopefully the weather will be ok.
Mrs Robinson:)

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Welcome back. We are all very excited in nursery with all the building work that we can now see happening. We are taking the children over to watch and discuss what is happening  as often as we can and they are very interested and seem to be understanding the process that is taking place. The building will be arriving this weekend so on Monday they will actually see a big difference.
The children have settled very well into their new environment and they are enjoying using their new playground with the bikes and trees to climb.
 We have all tried to write our names so that we can use our self register board without photographs.So far this is working and they can identify their own names. We are focusing on encouraging writing in all aspects of the nursery as we have quite a big group of children who are reluctant to attempt any form of mark making which is an important stage in the development of writing.
We are also going to be planting some cress which we will use to make sandwiches, if it grows!
I think the  photographs show how settled the children are in the new environment and also how they are beginning to play with different resources.
Have a good weekend.
Mrs Robinson:)

Friday, 31 March 2017

Well we have finally moved out and moved into our new home for a while. The children have adapted really well and are happy that their favourite toys are still around to play with. After the holidays please bring your child up to the main hall through the main gates. We will make sure a member of staff is at the main gate for the first few days to direct you but I am sure that the children know exactly where they are going. We met the builders who were having another cup of coffee and had our photo taken at the big new gates.
I hope you all have a lovely holiday and we look forward to seeing you after the break.
Mrs Robinson:)

Friday, 24 March 2017

We have had such an exciting weeks with the arrival of our chicks. The children have been monitoring their progress on a daily basis. We have managed to hatch 6 chicks and we have one that is struggling a little at the moment but we are keeping our fingers crossed. We have looked at the life cycle of the chicken so ask your child if they can tell you about it in the correct order. We are going to keep the chickens until next week then we will give them back to Mandy Egg so that she can look after them in a safe environment.
We have really started with packing boxes this week and the children are eagerly helping. We have spent time in our new temporary garden and they have already discovered a dinosaur egg buried in the ground.
Next week we are going to try and operate as normally as possible but there will be a bit of movement between reception and nursery as we have to be out of the building by 12.00 on Thursday.
I hope to see you all at the fayre on Saturday.
Have a great weekend.
Mrs Robinson:)

Harris decided if we are putting things in boxes for the new nursery we were not going to leave him behind.

Friday, 17 March 2017

This week in Nursery we have had a dinosaur workshop. The children were very excited and interested in all the information they learnt about dinosaurs. They used descriptive language to describe how the dinosaur egg felt.

We have started to move a few of our outdoor pieces of equipment to our temporary garden. The children were very enthusiastic and had lots of ideas about how to design it.

We noticed the daffodils in our new garden and talked about signs of spring.

Next week we are going to be sharing our resources with Reception to make the Three Little Pig's houses.

I have put a notice up about walking to the wood, please can you sign up if you can come.

Next Friday is Red Nose Day. The children can wear their own clothes for the day which includes a red item or otherwise pay a pound for a red nose.

Have a nice weekend,

Mrs Robinson

Friday, 10 March 2017

We have not been to the woods recently due to not many parents being available to help. I am going to put up a rota for you to sign if you would like our walks to continue. Please sign and come along if you can spare the time. It is a really good way to start the week for the children and they get a lot out of it.
The weeks are flying by and Easter will be upon us soon. After the holidays the nursery will be operating from the hall so in the mornings you need to bring your child to the double doors at the back of the hall. I will be at the doors every morning and our routine will be exactly the same. The children are aware of this so there should be no unexpected surprises for them. We are going to have an inside and outside area so the children will have the same opportunities for learning as they do at present. We are all getting very excited.
On Thursday Jake decided to make an assault course with the tyres which all the children enjoyed playing with in the sunshine. They also had time to pose for a photo.
We are continuing with our name recognition so please try and help your child at home if possible to recognise their own names without a photo. I am going to introduce them to signing their name when they arrive at school to encourage them to engage in mark making.
See you next week,
Mrs Robinson