Friday, 17 November 2017

This week we have been focusing on our relationships and how we talk to each other. The children have been very receptive and we have all learnt a lot about how to communicate appropriately. We were also involved in the Anti Bullying art attack with the rest of the school. Hopefully this will be on the blog for you all to see. We are very lucky in the unit as we have all the children together and we spend a lot of time understanding about sharing space and equipment. We also know that what and how we speak to others is important.
The unit has been very busy with doctors, nurses, cardiologists and surgeons all working hard to make sure that everyone is treated in the hospital. I had my tonsils removed this week and both my ears syringed. We also have a shop which has helped the children with their maths skills although they will only pay with credit cards. Cash seems to be a thing of the past.
Next week we are going to be looking at quantity. We are going to have real vegetables in the shop for the children to use. We are also going to start our Christmas songs. Yipeeeee.

Could you please check at home that your child has the correct coat as Amy B has lost her blue coat which has her name in. I have also got a similar coat that has been left all week so maybe someone has mixed them up. The coat we have is an Abercrombe and Fitch coat that I would keep if it fit me but unfortunately it is too small.

Have a good weekend.
Mrs Robinson:)

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Little Heath A&E department has been very busy this week with minor injuries. All the nurses and doctors have been working really hard making patients better and writing reports and prescriptions. The children are really working together in this area and their communication with each other is fantastic. Their experiences help them act out scenarios and also this helps them make sense of what hospitals are for.
We have also made a shop that is selling lots of food. We have a till and the children are using their credit cards to buy things. Learning through role play is such an important part of what the children do in the early years environment and we are developing it all the time. If you have any old food tins in the cupboard for the shop can you bring them in or anything else you may find.
We have 2 baby penguins in the nursery called Pip and Pop. We are going to be letting the children take it in turns to take them home for a couple of days. We would like you to write something about their time with you and stick it in the book. I have put an example at the front of the time they came to my house to spend an evening with me and my family. The children are very excited about this but obviously very impatient about when it will be their turn. This will be part of the learning for them as patience is not very easy when you are 3 or 4!!!!
Next week is Anti bullying week so we will be focusing on our personal,social and emotional skills.
Have a good weekend.
Mrs Robinson:)

Friday, 3 November 2017

The children have drawn pictures of their parents this week so we have decided to make a gallery of all the drawings. See if you can recognise yourself, they are fantastic. We have also decided to change our aeroplane area to a hospital. Little heath A&E department is officially open. Although we are only dealing with minor injuries we do have the facilities to perform xrays. If you have any resources that can support this topic can you please bring them in. Thank you for all the junk modelling resources they are used every day and we still would like you to continue to bring them in. It is amazing what they can turn the containers into and I am sure your enjoying having  them back home in another form!
I hope to see some of you on Saturday night at the fireworks.
Stay safe and enjoy.
Mrs Robinson:)

Friday, 20 October 2017

This week we have said goodbye to Mrs Ram who has left us to further her career in  education so we decided to have a  picnic inside as the weather was awful. The children made sandwiches to share with their friends.
We have also been learning about Diwali. The children decorated Diva's and we listened to the story of Rama and Sita. We looked at Rangoli patterns and tried to do our own.

We are all ready for a nice break and hopefully the weather will improve.

Please can you return or donate any school trousers as we are running low on spares. Thanks!

Have a great week.

Mrs Robinson:)