Friday, 15 September 2017

The children are settling very well into their new environment and we have been very busy getting to know each other. We have spent time making a new outdoor area so that the children can design and build with wood and bricks. They have been very excited and have spent a lot of time moving things from one place to another. We have also spent time looking and recognising our names and our friends names. The children enjoyed the story of the Gingerbread Man so we are going to make gingerbread biscuits next week.
I have sent home your child's Learning Journal for you to complete. I have put a letter inside to explain what we would like you to do. Below is a copy.
We have completed your child’s settling in forms in the front of their Learning Journals. Could you please complete the parent’s section so that we can see how you feel your child is settling. We would also like you to put something in the book that your child has done at home. This can be a picture, an outing or just a photograph. Please can you put it on the first available page and limit it to one side as we need to use these books to record your child’s journey through Foundation. We would like this to be your child’s work and ideas so don’t be tempted to create your own little masterpieces!
Please speak to me if you have any concerns about your child settling in or any other issues.
Have a good weekend.
Mrs Robinson:)

Friday, 8 September 2017

Welcome to our class blog. The children are beginning to settle into our routines and are adapting well to their new environment. I hope you have all found the drop off in the morning ok and haven't had too many tears. I know it can be very hard when you leave your child for the first time but we will always contact you if your child does not settle so please don't worry.
Next week the children will be having their first PE session with Mr Mills. If it is nice weather they will be on the big field playing with bats and balls but if its rainy they will have fun with smaller equipment inside.
We are in the process of filling in a settling in form which is in the front of your child's learning journal. I will be sending these home next week and would appreciate it if you could put in a comment about how you feel your child has settled. If you have any concerns about anything in nursery please do not hesitate to speak to me about it.
Finally could you please make sure your child's name is in their jumpers as every child has the same size so unfortunately we will not be able to identify them when they go missing.
Have a great weekend.
Mrs Robinson :)

Friday, 21 July 2017

Our final blog.
Thank you very much for your generous gifts. We hope you all have a wonderful Summer and we look forward to seeing you all again in September.
Mrs Robinson:)

Thursday, 13 July 2017

We seem to have done so much this week and the children are still coming up with new ideas to extend their learning. Usually at this time of the year the children become a little unsettled, as conversations have turned to them moving into reception. Preparing a 3-4 year old child for an event that is in September is like buying next years Christmas presents in the January sales, but still this ritual happens every year and we wonder why are children are confused and uneasy about moving. Well thankfully this wont happen this year as the transition is straightforward and as far as the children are concerned everything that is important to them will stay the same.  We have not had lots of discussion about reception but we have told the children that they will be having some new friends and that they will be the older children who can show the new children our lovely unit. If you have any concerns about this please speak to me before the end of term.
Next week will be our last week. Could I please ask that all library books are returned. I will be giving you your child’s learning journey to keep as Miss Jaeger has spent time looking at them and doesn’t need to keep them for a few weeks as in previous years. I have stuck in your child’s report at the back of the book.
School will finish at 2.00pm on Friday. It gets extremely busy on this day as the year 6 children parade out of school at the end of the day and lots of parents attend. It becomes very congested from about 1.45pm so you may want to consider your child’s pick up time in relation to this.
The photos this week are  all about the wedding and as you can see they really embraced it. Not all the children wanted to make costumes but they all wanted to eat cake!

Have a good weekend

Mrs RobinsonJ

Friday, 7 July 2017

I can't believe how the time has flown since we started in the new building. The transition into reception will happen naturally and the children will have the benefit of another year with us all. This will be a fantastic time for them as they consolidate all the learning from nursery in the same environment. It will also be good for the children to be the oldest and take some element of responsibility for showing the new children around.
Next week we are going to be having a wedding theme. This is because Miss Jaeger is getting married in August so we are going to  be creating our own version of a wedding. This will include making a cake, invitations, outfits, dances and we may even find a bride and groom. The children are very excited so if you have anything at home that you could contribute to this topic please bring it in on Monday.
On Wednesday we are having our big maths day which will be the same as our big draw day but with numbers. You should all have received a  letter which gives you a time slot to come in and enjoy numbers with your child. Unfortunately I will not be in on that day as my son is graduating from university.
On Thursday the children will be meeting the new nursery children and also the children who will be joining their class. This will be between 11.00am and 12.00pm
I hope you all have a good weekend.
Mrs Robinson:)

Friday, 30 June 2017

During child initiated play this week the children were talking about April's missing cat. They all decided to make posters  to help find it. Both nursery and reception children were engaged in this activity and were actively helping each other to write and display the posters. Some children decided it would be a good idea to post letters through doors. It was very sad for April but this was a really positive response to understanding other children's emotional needs.
We are very fortunate that transition will not be a problem as the children move into reception. The only difference for them will be which carpet they sit on. I have spoken to many parents explaining how the nursery children will take on some responsibilities when the new children arrive and this will be a positive experience and time for them to grow. Time is going very quickly and I cant believe we are nearly at the end of the year. The next few weeks will be very busy but we will keep you updated with what is going on.
Hope to see you at the fair this weekend.

Mrs Robinson:)

Friday, 23 June 2017

The foundation unit has been a hive of industry this week as we have been making shoes. This all started the previous Friday when a child mentioned she wanted to wear flip-flops. Before I could think I said no problem lets make some. Unfortunately I was not in work on Friday afternoon but they did not forget so first thing on Monday morning we set to work. I worked with Gracie using foam and tape. We worked together to make a pair of prototype flip flops. I then stepped back and within 5 minutes all the children were involved making their own shoes and designs. It was like the Elves and the Shoemaker or maybe Clarkes!
The amount of learning was fantastic as the children were working together, sharing resources, measuring feet, sharing space and supporting each others with problem solving. It was one of those Early Years moments that you would like to record for all to see as it was an exciting insight into the world of child initiated play, allowing the children to take the lead with the adults resourcing and extending their thinking.  It was also impossible to differentiate between nursery and reception children as they were all working at their own pace.
The following day I didn’t give them any extra resources so they used the resources that were readily available to them. The shoes were been made out of tissue, boxes and anything else they could find. This took the learning to a different level.
Getting back to our week we had Sports Day on Thursday which unfortunately I could not attend, but I hear the children had a good time and lots of fun was had.
Next week is parent consultations. I have put times up on the wall in the entrance to the unit so please check. If you have not returned your slip can you speak to me please.
Have a good weekend.

Mrs Robinson