Thursday, 21 June 2018

It was great to see you all at the induction evening and I hope you found it useful. Please speak to me if you have any concerns about September as I am happy to help you in any way.
We managed to change our role play area and we now have our own tube train coming out of the tunnel. They have not had the chance to play in it yet but will be able to travel in it on Monday. I think this tube train is going to be travelling to some amazing places that the London Underground does not take us to. We are going to be making tickets and maps so that we can navigate our way around the world. If only travel were so easy!
The children  noticed that I hadn't put handles on for them to hold onto so I am sure I will be making adjustments.
The children did really well in Sports day and I hope you all enjoyed it. It sometimes becomes a bit too much for them as they like their routines which do change a bit at this time of the year.
I will not be in on Friday as I will be on a course so I will see you all on Monday.
Have a great weekend.
Mrs Robinson:)

Friday, 15 June 2018

Another busy week in the unit and the children have been discussing our new role play area. They have given me a list of things they would like me to make. I thought I would share this with you so you can see what their expectations are!!!!!!!!!!!
A helicopter
Fairy castle
As you can see I have my work cut out. I always include the children in this change as it is important that they have a vision and ideas of how to construct.
I hope that you have all got your final letters and map about the trip. Please speak to me if you have any concerns so that I can address them straight away.
Next week is going to be very busy with our induction evening and sports day. I will put a notice up explaining how we operate on sports day as it can be a bit confusing.
Have a great weekend
Mrs Robinson:)

Friday, 8 June 2018

Welcome back. I cant believe the unit has been open for a year and we are coming to the end of your child's first year in Little Heath. We are going to be spending the next few weeks looking back at some of the things we have learnt. We are also going to be welcoming our new children into the setting and discussing changes. We do not make a big deal about the children going into reception as we are all still together which is very exciting for us all.
This week we have have been focusing on art and we have studied the artist Gaudi. We have created many mosaic pictures and we have also used sculpture to create the Sagrada Familia. This will all be displayed in the corridors in school. We have also had dance workshops all week with the children learning how to dance round the maypole. They were fantastic.
We are all looking forward to the carnival and hope to see some of you there. Myself and Mrs Custis will be dressed as poppies so you wont miss us.

Have a great weekend
Mrs Robinson

Friday, 25 May 2018

This week we have enjoyed going on  minibeast hunts and finding out facts from information books. We have used magnifying glasses to help us identify the smaller creatures. We have also been busy creating art around the theme of who am I? This has been interesting as the children had to imagine themselves as a colour, shape and pattern. We also had a go at thinking what we would be if we were an animal.
Thank you for all the replies for the trip. I will be sending more information to you after the break. Have a great holiday.
Mrs Robinson:)

Friday, 18 May 2018

The children have spent the week helping reception with their class assembly. They have enjoyed listening to the story of Room On The Broom and  they have enjoyed acting it out with their friends.  We have also made some books and pictures of the witch and all the characters.
On Wednesday one of the children mentioned Prince Harry's wedding so we decided to have our own little celebration in the unit. We made a list of what we thought was needed for a royal wedding and the children acted out their own version of the event. It was very interesting what they though were the important elements. The list included a tie, trousers, lipstick and an audience. On Friday we decorated our own wedding cake and shared it with our friends. As you can see they designed it themselves.
 I have given you all a letter about our Summer trip so please speak to me if you have any concerns.
Finally can I please ask that you make sure that your child's cardigan or jumper are labelled as finding lost jumpers with no names on out of a possible 60 is a challenge, even for me!!!!!!!
Have a great weekend

Mrs Robinson:)

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

This week we have spent a lot of time outside observing the changes that have taken place in our garden. Our grass has been growing and Rudi has had to cut it twice this week. Mr Mills brought in his tractor to help and we all watched him cut the grass.
We have watered our flowers that are growing and we are eagerly waiting to see the first shoots.
We were very lucky with the weather at the beginning of the week so we decided to have a dip in the water with our friends.
Next week we are looking forward to our friends in reception's assembly which is the story called Room on a broom. We have seen lots of witches flying around.
I have put up a sign for the wood walk. Please sign your name if you can come.
Have a good weekend.
Mrs Robinson:)